Authentique - French Liquid Soap   - Verbena
Authentique - French Liquid Soap   - Verbena Authentique - French Liquid Soap   - Verbena
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This French made, Marseille-style liquid hand soap (500ml) is vegetable based and can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, studio, garden, etc. It is sodium lauryl sulphate and paraben free!

Verbena Fragrance - We fell in love with Verbena in the markets of Provence because when baskets of freshly harvested green verbena leaves are brought to market, its distinctive lemon/citrus fragrance fills the air. This fragrance is a bestseller because of it's energizing and fresh smell. 

About Lothantique: The history of the company begins in the small village of Châteauneuf-Val-Saint-Donat in the 1920s. At that time, the area was covered with naturally growing lavender fields. Josephine, the entrepreneurial ancestor of the family, created a distillery of perfume on the family farm. Nestor, the great uncle, quickly became known in Paris as the "Great Nose" because of his talent with fragrance.

From it's early days until now, the company has always been known for it's high quality essential oil based fragrances and luxurious natural products for home and body. 

Now run by Josephine's great grand children, LOTHANTIQUE remains a small family run company with 30 employees. They remain committed to respecting the environment, to creating quality products based on generational knowledge, and to supporting "the good life" (joie de vivre). It is for this reason that the products are formulated with care and then packed in recyclable materials.